TP was established in 2011 in Barangay Looc Calamba City Province of Laguna. The idea was patterned from the Bank of Katipunan, formerly Rural Bank of Katipunan, Bohol Branch, where I was working 13 years ago. The concept from Grameen Bank pioneered by Novel Laurete Professor Mohammed Yunus from Bangladesh. This is the Visayan version type of micro lending adapted to suit the condition of the poor Filipinos.

We are creating a Micro Lending Program without collateral, no legal formalities and no lawyers involve. We are not digging into the past of the person. We are concentrating to solve the problems of the poorest Filipino and building the future. The income of this social business will be shared to our young generation in order to build better education. Through good education, Filipino will be lift out of poverty.

This blog is my vehicle to reach out and help Poverty stricken and unemployed Filipinos through the Micro Lending Program we founded. We will be posting updates, reports, new programs and encouraging success stories of our dear borrowers and photos to our dear young generation.


Loans granted to the poor individual Filipino.
Services provided at the door step of the borrowers.
Opportunities to create jobs for the young and old poor Filipinos.
Create a better education to the poor Filipino families especially in the rural areas.


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Don Juan is the Founder of TabangPinoy and Chairman of Datag Convenience Store: A proud member of Overseas Filipino Smart Investor Email: celestino.edubas@tabangpinoy.com
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