Tabang Pinoy, Donated School Supplies to Datag Elementary School. School Year 2015-2016

Datag Elementary School located at Datag, Garcia Hernandez, Bohol. Philippines. It was founded in 1947. Being part of my success in life, Tabang Pinoy, which I founded, is donating school supplies to the pupils for the School Year 2015-2016.

The supplies were distributed with the support DES school teachers headed by Mr. Artemio Bongo who is serving in the School for 38 years. He started to served on September 6, 1976. The supplies were coming from Cebu City. The materials arrived with the help of Mr. Jose Gamus Oclarit and delivered to the school free-of-charge.

With all those success, we are thankful to Our ALMIGHTY GOD who is the great provider. To my co-sponsors, Mrs. Antonia Oclarit Cagampang and Ms. Michele Balaba who are both Overseas Filipino workers in Hongkong and Saudi Arabia.

To Mrs. Dioscora Oclarit Edubas who is serving in the same school for 26 years, Mrs Analyn de la Torre Oclarit, Mr. Jose Gamus Oclarit and Ms. Maria Antonette Oclarit Cagampang for their support. Most of all, I am very thankful to My wife Marisa who is full supporting me. When the time I informed her without hesitation her answer is “YES” support the kids.

It is our challenge in life to work together in achieving the goal of our country “PHILIPPINES” in lifting our fellowmen from poverty. We will encourage, teaching our children how to love our neighbors and to love the PHILIPPINES. As we all know, God will be happy if we love others. TRUST in LOVE because it will make changes possible.


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