OFWs Who Invest Their Hard Earned Money Are The True Heroes

Every OFW sacrifices to leave the country. Even if it is so difficult to go away from their families. This is because they wanted to have good education for them. And most of all to have a better life for them.

OFWs work hard. They save money and send most of it to their families back home. This is the old mindset for most OFWs. I cannot blame them because personal money management and applied wealth management maybe not taught during their days at school.

It is common for OFWs, of course, to send money to their family needs and for the education of their children. Most of them think that investing quality education for their children is enough and considered the best investment. But in my opinion, investing good education for our children is not enough. OFWs were considered as the “New Heroes” of our time in our country, but for me, this is not enough being a hero.

Most OFWs believed that sending money to the Philippines is the only way they can help to improve the economy of our country. Yes, I agree that this is one factor, but this action is not enough to be called as “New Heroes”.

The time when I started to attend a free seminar for financial literacy from OFSI, I completely realized that OFWs who invest or generate wealth from the Philippines are the true “New Heroes”. Therefore, in my opinion, OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS STOCK INVESTORS is one of them.

Investing and creating business in our country will help improve the economy of our country. Improving the economy will lead to higher potential employment opportunities.

OFWs, were big assets of our country today. We will stop blaming the government why our country is still suffering from poverty. In fact, we need to help our country to find the best solutions. We will help each other so that no one will die because of poverty, no one will leave the country, NO more OFWs in the future.

One day all OFWs can say “this is the time to go home”. Through this target, I encourage everyone to attend any free seminars like OFSI Kuwait — a free financial literacy seminar — and start investing. It might be a small amount to invest from the start, but if thousands of OFWs investing together, it will fold billion times of Pesos. OFSI founder Mr. Renz Leano says that: “Keep on Learning and Invest consistently.” It doesn’t matter how big or small, the important is you did it regularly.

There are so many investment vehicles in the Philippines; like direct investing in stocks, mutual funds/UITFs among many others. My advice: do not invest based on the assurance of the trusted friends and relatives, the safest thing before investing is to attend seminars with a good experience person in investing. Then, I’m sure you will be guided accordingly and your investment will be safer, and will match according to your goals.

To OFWs, start attending any free financial related seminars and start investing. The best way to start investing is NOW! Because in investing, money and time are working together. Compounded interest will matter most. Time is one of the greatest assets.

Be part of the Overseas Filipino Stock investor and you will be “TRUE HEROES” in our country Philippines. Hindi man ngayon, bukas, but for sure in the Future. Your Future will depend on what you had planted today! Once you have a better future, our country and the Filipinos will be better too.


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