Renz Leano’s Free Basic Financial Literacy Series for OFWs

From the beginning, since I started attending the basic financial literacy seminar, I admitted that my life started to change.

Mr. Renz Leano is the founder and president of OFSI.  I was so inspired by him, the way he discussed the topics, his knowledge, and his good advices, and most of all his advocacy to help OFWs to be financially literate. His dream is to break the cycle of poverty — not only from his family — but to those Filipinos who are striving to lift up from poverty. It is part of his dream to become rich so that he can help those who are in need. He is one good example of an OFW that has good experience in investing mutual funds and in the Philippine stock market.

I am very thankful for the wisdom he shared with me.  He’s a big part of my success in life as well as to my family.
Part of the application that I learned from OFSI is to invest in the stocks. On November 21, 2014 at 5:51 p.m. Kuwait time he guided me to buy stocks shares from the company that I wanted to part of.

Prior to that Mr. Leano helped I opened my COL account. With his extra time and effort despite of being tired from work and most of all the money that he used in sending my application to the COL office in Philippines. It might be a small amount of his part, but it really counts on me. You have a good heart and willingness to help others.  May God bless you and may your dreams come true.
Thru, OFSI my wife Marissa and I were investing in 6 blue chip company for our retirement and my son Eljohn Marc invested in UITF at BDO for his better Education.
To OFSI Founder and Officers, KEEP IT UP! You are the best example of a pure and true people that help OFWs be financially literate and to have a better future.

For OFWs, we should “Retire young and Truly Rich”. This is the quote always used by the President and Founder of OFSI Mr. Renz Leano.

Don’t waste your time. Grab this golden opportunity. It is a totally free seminar!!!

OFSI Registration Process: Just E-mail your below information:

1. Full Name
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Note: Please indicate if online or Kuwait attendee:

Important Notice: OFSI need a strong commitment to attend the full sessions.

You can send e-mail directly to the founder and president of OFSI ,
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