Tabang Pinoy, Donated Chairs to Datag Elementary School for School Year 2015-2016.

One afternoon, I opened my FB account and my head teacher in Elementary was online. We discussed a lot about the distribution of school supplies for this School Year 2015-2016.

As we go a long in our discussion. He open me up that the school is needed for 20 chairs for the school computer room.
On the following day, I tried to send a message to my friend who is working in Canada. Then I discussed to her that the school is still looking for a donor to buy those chairs. After her break time without any doubt she offered and committed me to send money in order buy that materials.

To those who are asking the name of the sponsor, sorry for now she said that ” SILENT SPONSOR” lang daw siya. She loves what we are doing. She has an advocacy to help the poor also. She was a friend of my mine whom we can talk about family, life, work.. then siyempre for the stock sa JOLLIBEE…hehehehe….kahit their is a volatility. but still I am encouraging her not to give up that is normal. We have to look forward the long term investment. We have to give time our money to Grow.

So, dear sponsor in behalf of TabangPinoy and Datag Elementary School, please accept our warmest gratitude for your support. God Bless you and to your family. May your Dreams come true.

TP, is still searching for the people who has the good hearth and advocacy to help the children. You may contact Tabang Pinoy 24/7 or you may send directly your donations to Datag Elementary School.


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