Tabang Pinoy, Donated School Supplies and Personal Hygiene to Datag Day Care Center. School Year 2015-2016

Datag Day Care Center is located at mountain area of Garcia, Hernandez, Bohol. Philippines. It is approximately 20 kilometers away from the municipality. I was born in this place. It was so quiet and nice place full of green trees and nice people.

I am looking back the years when I was a kid. The problem was lack of Education and personal hygiene specially the kids due to poverty. Until now there are families are still starving and hunger for food. Then when the school days is coming it is hard the parents to buy school supplies for their kids.
Throughout the years, it comes into my life at age of 2 years old my mother dead and my father dead when I was 14 years old. Without parents it is so hard for me.I am worried about my future. Where I will go and what will be my futureā€¦
Until one day, I promised myself to help the kids of Datag for a better Education. TP founded, because we believe that this is the vehicle where we can help to those who are needy. Early of May this year 2015, TP decided to donate a school supplies and personal hygiene to the Kids of DDCC for them to encourage how Education and health is the best important in life.
So, I contacted Mrs Antonia Oclarit Cagampang who is my friend and my big sister to help me and advice about this plan. Then we discussed for a couple of weeks. She likes my plan because it is her advocacy to help the kids also. So we are decided to buy the school supplies in Hongkong. During her Day off she spent her time to search and buy the school supplies.
End of April the school supplies are ready. She sent the supply on May 3, 2015 and arrived in Bohol on 8th of June 2015 addressed to Mr.Jonathan Bachinilla, the first police officer in the Datag Garcia Hernandez in the history. The supply was successfully distributed on June 15,2015 with the help of DDCC parents headed by Mrs. Joy Fantonial Edubas, Day care teacher.
Kids, please study hard. Please take extra care for all the facilities provided by the school for our next generations. Kids you are our future…May your dreams come true..
To the people who are the product of Datag Day Care Center, who are now successful, we are inviting you to share your blessings to help us to support TP today, tomorrow and furthermore in the near future.
Special thanks to Ms. Antonia Oclarit Cagampang for her extra effort, ideas and advices, to Ms Antonette Oclarit Cagampang for her full support for taking the photographs and videos. To Mr. Jonathan Bachinilla for bringing the supplies from Municipality to the recipient with free of charge.


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