Why Tabang Pinoy is lending Money?

People might say why we are lending money to the poor? Instead of giving money to them to help and solve their current problem? Other people said: “if you are willing help why you did not give food and money?”

There are several reasons to answer those questions. Tabang Pinoy (Help Pinoy) is trying hard to solve the problem of poverty in the community through lending money to the poorest among the poor. TP is created in order to be part of the solution of this problem.

Base on my study and experience, the conventional bank has not open its door for the poor to lend money. Normally, banks don’t lend money to those who don’t have existing small business. They require the borrowers to pledge collateral.

How about the Overseas Filipino Workers? How about those who work in the house? They need money to support their family? They don’t have salary certificate to present to the bank? So where they will go when their family back home is in need of money for emergency situations?

We will now start for a good imagination, imagination that no poverty and unemployment will happen in the future.We have to imagine so that someday it will  happen. All those good or bad things are came from imagination.

The best solution to solve the problem is creating a business… TP wants every Filipino to become an entrepreneur. We don’t want to have an uncertain solution like a charity. Those people will sit, eat and wait for the charity… Why not charity? Healthcare for free and school for free? Because the problem for charity is we are always looking for a person or somebody to put the money and somebody has to pay the bill somewhere. We don’t want to live like that. We are always looking for volunteers and money. So that is uncertain prospect, why we will not build a business then we’ll work? As we all know that business is the process of making money, that produces good profit and this will slowly solve the problem.

TP is a micro finance that we don’t require collateral and no Co makers. In short, this is really for the poor. In the bank, they have so many questions to ask about business, you have, credit loans, the past or whatever. But in TP we are concentrating on solving the poverty. We forget all the past and we are looking forward to the future. In the bank, they are not interested in the children of the borrowers. But TP are taking care for the children of our borrowers because  we believe that they are our future. We’re saving them for the next generation. TP wanted to be the world of educated. TP aims to have a better Education  and no more single Filipinos will die because of hunger.

TP do ask very little interest from borrowers. But this is not to gain any benefit. This meager interest will be utilized also by future borrowers in need.

TP aims that we can help the poor children to send to school, WE will give an Educational Loan in the future, that transforms the life of the children and produces professionals, it transforms their family as well as to the whole community. If we will do it one student per year.. Then after several years, all people live-in the community become professional that lead to become a peaceful and happy family as well as the community. Therefore, in the near future we cannot able to see children’s who are begging money on the street, children are dying because of nothing to eat..

We are providing help to the Filipino people for them to create livelihood for a living and not just to help them.

As per the old Chinese proverbs says” Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Thank you to everyone and God Bless you all.


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