Don Juan of Tabang Pinoy, Invested in First Metro Exchange Traded Fund (FMETF)

One day, Mr. Renz Leano, the president and founder of OFSI, encourage OFSI members to invest in FMETF (First Metro exchange traded fund) since this is the only and the first ETF in the Philippines since 2013 until today. But even so, at the end of the day the decision will depend on us because we have different goals in life as well as our risk appetite.FMETF was approved on October 9, 2013 by the board of directors of the PSE. The fund sponsor is Mr. Roberto Juanchito Dispo, the President of First Metro Investment Corporation and the investment banking arm of the Metro bank Group.

FMETF was recognized as Asia’s Best Emerging Market ETF. The fund manager of FMETF was awarded as the best ETF Manager, for being the most prominent emerging market ETF in terms of Assets under management, performance, trading volume and tracking error for last year.

ETFs, suits any type of investor. This type of investment is diversified, transparent and tradable. This is similar to Mutual Fund except that in ETF — investor can trade. It is a share of stocks that represents a group of portfolio companies.  This is another type of investment fund that pools the assets of its investor and handle by a professional fund manager to invest.

July 27, 2015. I invested without any hesitation because I trusted the company. Founded on the researched, the Performance of the FMETF has grown-up greatly since 2013 until today. I believe the cost will go higher in a perfect time.

So, this is good for us newbie investor. I believed this would give us a higher return soon.

To understand more about the Exchange Traded Fund, Please watch this video from ANC On the Money”


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