Financial Literacy Seminar and Launching of Pinoy WISE in the State of Kuwait

Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Renato P.O. Villa invited OFWs to attend the Financial Literacy Seminar and Launching of PINOY WISE (Worldwide Initiative for Investments, Savings and Entrepreneurship) last 28 August 2015, Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at the Philippine Embassy in Hateen Area.

There are about 100 OFWs attended the seminar.

The resource speaker was Philippine Ambassador to United Arab Emirates, Her Excellency Grace R. Princesa and four Filipino community leaders from United Arab Emirates.

The whole day seminar discussed about financial literacy and issues confronting OFWs and their families and addressing barriers to reintegration. The PINOY WISE encouraged OFWs and their households to save and invest their hard earn money. Atty. Princesa, and her team, reminded OFWs that they should be wise in handling their finances and be smart in taking serious care of their families back home.

We have learned so many things along the way. One idea that I like most is the second module. The topic was very interesting and it ended with an emotional situation because one gentleman shared his experience being a son of an OFW who worked in the United States.

It was a long story, but we learned a great lesson from his experience. Through his testimony, we recognized the negative effects brought from being away from parent that worked abroad.

Money is not enough for the kids. They need their parents all the time. Communication is the most important to the family. Balikbayan boxes are not enough for them.

The OFWs were challenged to save, invest their hard earn money and become an entrepreneur so that OFWs can go home early and stay with their family.PINOY WISE advocates in helping OFWs save, invest and be an entrepreneur. They are encouraging The earlier to stay with their respective family — the better, and it will lead to have a harmonious family in the near future. They witness many OFWs experienced negative effects of migration.

The event was concluded at around 6:30 p.m. with a closing remark from Ambassador Villa. He encouraged OFWs to be part of PINOY WISE.


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