Renz Leano, OFSI President, Shared his Inspirational Talk to Overseas Filipino Stock Investor

 OFSI President, Mr Renz Leano (center) poses with Don Juan-Tabang Pinoy founder (left) and  Engr. Evanraff Seril (right) before the event begin.


OFSI hosted its first event on 29th August 2015 at Le Royal Hotel, Kuwait with Mr. Jayson Logan Lo as guest speaker.
Mr. Renz Leano the Founder and the President of OFSI shared his experience to all Overseas Filipino Stock Investors in attendance how he started his advocacy. He also shared what is the function of OFSI in the betterment of Overseas Filipino Workers’ lives. He shared also his journey being an OFW.
Leano said that he struggled a lot and experienced the difficulties being an OFW. But his determination made him strong enough to fight those difficulties and reach his goals and dreams in life.
Through those experiences he realized that he doesn’t want to be an OFW for a lifetime. He realized how family is important in life. Parents are important to their children especially for the special occasions.
He started his financial journey with the biggest influence of  Mr. Francisco Colayco, Bro. Bo Sanchez and  Mr. Randell Tiongson. He started investing in mutual funds, bonds, stocks and he became a better steward of his finances.
Then, Five years ago, he started to dream and inspire his friends to retire young and truly rich by proper saving and investing money for their future goals. He is dreaming for the new generations and to OFWs to be financially literate.


Until, he founded OFSI, the group of young Overseas Filipino Workers, who are advocating Financial Education to fellow OFWs in order to achieve their financial freedom and abundance. They are advocating on savings and  investing; having the right mindset and strategy.
According to Leano, there are more than 200 OFWs member who undergone the basic financial literacy sessions.
His talk was full of information and encouragement to Overseas Filipino Stock Investor.


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