“YOUnique” author Jayson Lo conducts seminar for OFSI members

Mr Harley Subido (Left) OFSI-VP External Affair and his Wife Ms. Georgia Subido (Center) OFSI-Director Online Services poses with Mr. Jason Logan Lo(Right)

It was a great day last 29 August 2015, Mr. Jayson Logan Lo, a prominent financial speaker, was the special guest speaker of OFSI’s first major event at Le Royale Hotel, Kuwait. It was attended by almost 100 Overseas Filipino Stock Investor members and OFW’s. He is the author of the book titled “Younique”.

In his book “Younique”, we have learned different types of financial behaviors. DISC as what he called it, which means Dominant, Influential, Steady and Corrective or analytical behaviors. Each type of behavior is clearly described in his book, and he guaranteed after reading the book, the reader will know what type of behavior you are. And its true, during the course of our YOUnique seminar, I have learned what type of behavior I am, and clearly identifies my strengths and weaknesses as an investor.

The seminar and by reading his book, greatly helped me to deal with my strengths and weaknesses, I might not be able to succeed immediately but in time and with God’s help, I will.

One of the things he shared to us, which I think is very important.

“GIVING is important in building our wealth”, Lo said. He encouraged the participants to be generous to the less fortunate without expecting in return.

It is one of Tabang Pinoy’s priority — to help the less fortunate, as the name suggest in Visayan dialect.

We look for any Filipinos who are really in need of help, and TP will help them as much it could. We don’t expect anything in return. We are happy to see them smile and the see the joy in their faces.

Jayson Lo said that he had encountered so many trials while building his wealth. There are ups and downs. He’s in debt of millions while owning a multiple credit cards, but still he doesn’t give up because of his strong faith and determination to pursue his goals.

He believed that in the future, the Philippines will become the first world country. That is the reason why he is encouraging Filipinos abroad to invest in the Philippines and be part of the Philippine economy progress.

He ended with a very nice quote a secret of giving, “What you keep is you have, what you give and God multiplies”.

Therefore, I encourage to OFWs in Kuwait to attend the free financial literacy from OFSI, to be financially literate and you will be guided for your investment journey. OFWs, save and invest your hard earn money. The best time to invest is Now.

To all Overseas Filipino Workers who are in debt now, don’t lose your hope because even Jayson Lo having multiple credit cards and millions of debts was able to settle because of his strong faith and determination.


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