A year after investing in the Philippine Stock Market

DonJuan(Center)buying his first stocks with his friend Mr. Raffy Seril(Left) guided by his mentor Mr. Renz Leano(Right)

I started investing in the Philippine Stock Market last 21st November 2014 at 5:51 p.m. Kuwait Time, with the unselfish guidance of our mentor Mr. Renz Leano, the founder of OFSI-Kuwait. I am now able to apply and execute the knowledge I gained from attending the several weeks of the free sessions on Financial Literacy Seminar conducted by the Overseas Filipino Stock Investor (OFSI).

A month before the anniversary of my stock investing, I was able to make review and analyze the history/ performance of my investments, from the initial deposit, the buying and selling of shares of stocks and the total dividends I earned from the two blue chip companies.

So far, my experience being a newbie investor, I had spent late nights and waking up early mornings just to monitor and witness the volatility of the stock market every single day. Honestly, I find it very interesting and excited the outcome of this kind of personal endeavor.

My realization as of this time after a year of experience, there are so many factors to be considered before buying and selling of shares of stocks. The Peso Cost Averaging method is one thing I considered, since I am into a long term investment.

Based on my own review and analysis, I have come up with the conclusion that we really have to control our emotions in all our transactions because of too much excitement, it could lead you to make more transactions; and of course with the corresponding investment charges to lose. In the end, the charges you pay are more than the dividend you will earn.

Lessons I learned so far:

1. Focus on your target, invest consistently.

2. Invest in a Blue Chip companies-i.e. big companies with good reputation.

3. Control your emotions, when the market is rising and falling, stay cool. Don’t be greedy.

4. Plan ahead of time in buying and selling of stocks.

5. Don’t invest your money in one company only — diversify.

6. Keep on learning and seek advice from your mentor.

7. Observe and gather the right information from the well experienced investor.

8. Research for a good company first and the type of business sector you want to invest into.

9. Buy limited shares of stocks when the market prices is rising and buy more shares when the market prices are falling.

10. Invest the dividend.

We are responsible for our financial success and you cannot blame anyone but to yourself only. Start building your own financial success. We should know that we are in control of our destiny, and it is not yet too late to start for our future. Never give up! I am sure that we are the great winner in God’s perfect time.

To the newbie investors like me, God bless, happy investing and enjoy your journey. We have to plan every single day of our plans in life for a better future of our family.

I strongly believe that it is very much possible for us to become one of the millionaires in the near future through stock market investing. We just have faith in God and that he will bless our financial journey to Success!

Remember the Old Adage says “A long journey begins with a single step

(Photos:credit from OFSI)


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