OFW Disappointed for the New House Built by Filinvestland

Since I am out of the Country, my wife, son and my father in law visited our new house at Ashton Fields Calamba City Laguna dated October 16, 2015 second time.

The whole family was excited to see our new house, but their excitement was gone before their eyes when our agreement and expectation was not met from what my family saw it on actual turn over.

Our concerns is as follows:

  • The color of the house is not what  what we had selected, (Color Scheme No.1)
  • The door is not properly installed that created a gap from the flooring that made it look awkward and not so presentable.
  • The hinges they have used for all the doors are not as good quality as it look, especially the one on our toilet door.

Lesson learned:

  • First impression does not last,(In any company selling products, it is part of the marketing strategy to show you the best.
  • Do not expect much from a developer that is known to have a good reputation

To all fellow OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) who are planning to buy a house and lot to any Developers. Be aware of the things you are paying for and I personally suggest that from the beginning of construction of your house, make sure your one of your family member must be at hand to check if the requirement is met. If you’ve had the work and there’s a problem caused by the contractor, you should be able to get it fixed. Always keep in mind that there’s no harm in asking. Whatever the problem, you’ll need to talk to a representative of developer and come to an agreement.

Before you do that, it’s always a very wise idea to:

  • Know your rights.
  • Gather any paperwork and receipts of the request.(E-mail, Messages or any type of communication)
  • Take photos to use as evidence of the problem
  • Make notes about what’s happened,including dates and times
  • Let them know that you understand what you’re entitled to. What you should say is slightly different depending on when you gave the go-ahead for the work requested.
Message for my Developer (Filinvestland)
Yes! As a developer Filinvestland has good reputation, But maybe the problem is your contractor who did not follow on what is base upon the house specification. In my opinion they did not use a reasonable care and skill when the construction is being carried out.
I have submitted my complaint and  Mr Jayce replied;

Good day sir your request color scheme was given and reported to our bus.dev’t last 2014 to Mr. Terence but unfortunately, Mr. Terence was already resigned. I already reported to him all the color scheme preferred by the buyers.

Well, I don’t think that their administration issues are any of my concern. We have sent our request right before the given deadline.

My family and I are hoping that Filinvestland will take an action to check our house. We can wait at any time as long as everything is okay base on the house specification. I want you to fix the problem.


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