GMGI-OFW Kuwait Chapter helps cancer patient in the Philippines

One month after, GMGI-Kuwait Chapter celebrated its 4th foundation anniversary they sent cash to help cancer patients in the Philippines. GMGI was committed to their goal for the event, which is to raise funds to help Filipinos suffering from cancer.

Mrs. Amelita Oclarit Addun is one of the beneficiary of the fund raising initiated by GMGI during their anniversary celebration. Mrs. Addun has been diagnosed having ovarian cancer. Every three months, she needs to have a check-up to monitor her condition. Apart from her condition, Mrs. Addun also has to look after her daughter who has special needs.

Mrs. Addun is very thankful and grateful to the organization. She was surprise when I told her that she will receive cash from the GMGI. Below is Mrs. Addun’s video saying “thank you” to GMGI, together with her daughter.

In behalf of Tabangpinoy, I would like to thank GMGI, I hope and pray that GMGI can help more people in need in the near future.


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