TabangPinoy’s first housing project


Tabangpinoy has a vision of contributing ways and means for the creation of improve and healthy society by focusing and starting in a small community.

After years of existence, the TabangPinoy ventures into housing project. It’s own way of realizing Filipinos dream of having a house call it “HOME”.

Nowadays, building a house is not easy. It is costly. Especially to those families who are trying to make both ends meet. It cannot be denied that many of our citizen are not qualified for a housing loan. Financial institutions require several documents and collateral like; land titles, bank deposits  and their capacity to repay the loan.

I have decided to venture into housing project by extending our little resources to a couple who  have long been  dreaming of owning a simple house. Trust is the reason why I pursue this project because I believe everyone has their own capacity to pay.

God created us equally. Everyone has the basic right to have a place to live. A shelter to protect from bad weather conditions. Most especially when the natural calamities will happens unexpectedly.

Extreme poverty  is  so evident  in our society today. We witnessed people living along the sidewalks and children used the busy and dangerous streets as their playgrounds.

Mr. Joseph Oclarit during the house construction

Early this year,  I have decided to pursue this project despite of inadequate funds to start up building the house. But I do believed that this endeavor will yield positive results, with the help and support of my family in the province of Bohol.

TabangPinoy has committed to the beneficiaries, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oclarit to support them in building a small house considering that they have already received a notice to vacate their current house.

We started guiding the couple how to make plan and budget on building the house. We discussed and agreed  the amount  required to  start up the construction. We listed materials along with the quotation and required number of manpower.

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The couple agreed that we will build their house phase by phase mode due of the availability of funds. We will release amount of money every week  and required them to provide the receipts and progress report of the construction.

As the construction goes on, I find it very interesting every day to receive updates of this undertaking. I believe that beneficiary’s satisfaction and happiness in owning a house is TabangPinoy’s success and happiness as well.

We just agreed without any requirements from the beneficiary. I stand firm that on “TRUST”to them without even thinking now any profit or return from  this endeavor but focus on the good impact that would bring to their lives.

I am hoping to see others who have plenty to share with those who are in need and seeing ordinary Filipinos happily living in their own house with their children safely playing around and healthy.

God will bless you Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oclarit “May every new sunrise brings you closer to your dreams”.

To Mrs Giezan Mae Bachinilla  with altruistic dedication to support my project without expecting in returns.

We will work and hold on together, then our dreams will soon come true…


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    • Your truely blooded pinoy with a heart manoy…you always put your foot on the ground ..and help other people those who are in need without any hesitation even thinking if they can pay or believe and trust us …may God bless you always manoy and your family..may God give you more strength and good health always manoy..take care always manoy..

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