Eljohn Marc Sarmiento Edubas, Certified Analytical Mind Awardee at MSMSI.

After a year of studying from Nursery, my son Eljohn Marc received a certificate from Morning Star Montessori School,Inc. as Certified Analytical Mind Awardee during their Star Kids’ Recognition Day on 18th Day of March, 2016 at SM City, Calamba Laguna.

Time is so fast, from the beginning of school year,my wife and my son sacrifice for almost two months because my son he don’t want to leave his mom in the classroom. He cried many times and hug her mommy so that his mom will stay in the classroom. Until one morning he promise to go to school alone once he become four years old.

He is like other kids, in the morning he woke up early because he is excited to play outside with his cousins and friends before he will go to school.

Until the time has come, after his birthday on August  24 2015, he went to school alone then he is very active and participate in the school daily activities. He was keep on improving everyday.

Today, he is now ready to go, the future is looking good to him, he will study hard and ready for the next journey of his life. May the Good Lord will guide him in all the time of his study and his future dreams.


To MSMSI teachers

My wife and I are very thankful for all your time and effort. Sana lahat nga inituturo nyo kay Eljohn ay hindi niya makalimutan. Mabuting Asal at ang karunungan ay hindi magwawaglit kahit kaylan man. Alam kung mahaba pa ang lalakbayin ng anak namin upang matuluyan ang mga pangarap niya sa buhay. Being part of your school we treasured it all.

I remember it was a nice morning when I went for a walking, I meet my Algerian friend. Then before we end up for jogging we went to starbucks  to have an American coffee and we discussed a lot. One discussion we have is the idea on how Education is the best important. I learned a lot from him, he said he invested a lot of money for the Education of his children because he really believed that good education will guide and lead his children to have a better future. He advice me to send my son in the best school while he still young because when the kids are started with the best foundation is much better. So, it made me realized  how my wife and I sending our son to MSMSI. It is a good school for our son to study. It is quite expensive but the learning and lesson he was getting is more than what we paid off.


Recognition Day

As a parent, attending a special event like recognition day is part of my wife and I as well as my son’s accomplishment.

It was a happy feeling and touching one, ganun pala ang true feeling bilang isang ina na makikita mo yong sarili mong anak na kumanta, sumayaw, at nagsasalita at talagang nakikita mo yong improvement ng anak. Such like event, we realized how our dear parents felt when we are kids. recognition or graduation day is a happy feeling to our dear parents, this is what my wife said.

In my part,  I was happy and It melt my heart witnessing my son in the stage singing,dancing and talking. I realized how important is the good education of our son. Challenge my self to work hard  and save money for the better education our son.


May the Good Lord will always guide our son to enlighten his mind, send full of knowledge and apply all his learning in school. He will be a good son and good citizen today and tomorrow.


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