Fly Now Pay Later Plan-TP first beneficiary


Tabangpinoy’s mission is committed to help Filipinos who are in need and  find ways to solve their financial problems.

After a year, I realized that one thing to consider in order to improve the life of Filipinos is to work abroad besides of providing  them and advice how to become a successful Filipino Entrepreneur.

I am so proud,  I am slowly changing the life and family of  Ms. Richelle  Calustre Edubas.  She is the first beneficiary for the Fly Now Pay Later Plan of Tabangpinoy.  Her dreams in working abroad now come into reality.  Her journey in Hongkong will begin very soon. She will be happily leaving Philippines and work in Hongkong for a better future not for her own but the better life of her family. She will be serving for a loving Hongkong National very soon.

To my dear parents and to my younger sister and brothers, My willingness to work abroad is not just for me but for all of us especially to our dear parents.  I don’t want that my sister and brother will experience and ask God and said” Lord ibalik na among bugas kay cge na raman mi kaon ug saging. Magbinuotan lage me Lord.Nag eskwela ko bisan mag baklay kog pila ka buntod, maabutan sa dalan ug ngitngit, agwanta ang ulan ug init, mopugos ko ug baklay aron kuha konsumo bisan walay kasiguraduhan nga maka dala ug bugas inig balik. Mao nga ako gyud paningkamutan nga makahuman mo kay mao ra na butang nga mapabilin ninyo.

To my dear parents, dili ko gusto nga matigulang mo nga mag sige lang mo trabaho sa umahan. Isip usa kapanganay ako una nakasud ong  ug unsa ta kalisod. Dili man naku mahatag ang kinabuhin nga haruhay, pero maningkamot ko nga dili nata pareho sauna nga  bag – o pa human kaon, magproblema napod ug asa kaon inig panihapon. Kamong tanan ang akong inspirasyon ug hinungdan nga magtrabaho ko sa laing lugar. Edubas said during our conversation on FB.

Special thanks to Ms Antonia Oclarit Cagampang who is with us from planning, processing and implementation 24/7 monitoring and mentoring to Richelle.

Most of all to our Almighty Father who is the great provider. Who answer all the prayers. God’s permit her to work abroad and to have a better employer.

To Ms. Annabelle Carbon dela Rosa and Ms. Cherie of  HOMESWEEPHOME agency in Hongkong, Thank you so much for your continuous help and support.

Through this project, I realized that this will dramatically change the lives of the poor Filipinos.

May the good Lord will guide her all the time while working abroad.

God Bless you Richelle and Good luck for your next journey of your life.




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