How Mr. Tyron Solee became a Millionaire


This video I’ve watch from ANC On the Money. This video is a very interesting and inspiring story of Mr. Tyron Solee a Personal Finance and Blogger who is a Millionaire at age of 26 years old. This video will help us how to manage our finances, to learn and how to budget and how the delayed gratification helps. He was very humble enough where he was dining in the drivers lounge with taxi and company drivers.

In this video also, Ms. Salve Duplito will give us  called “TIPID TIPS”. specially to all the Moms who are always making for a grocerry. She mentioned to Live below your means.

In my part it made more interested that he earned a lot of Money of Blogging rather than his montly salary.

Please watch this video from ANC On the Money. A very interesting and inspiring story of Mr. Tyron Solee



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