Tabang Pinoy Beneficiary will invest in the Stock Market soon


Today, July 13,2016 I received an invitation message from Brother Bo Sanchez of Truly Rich Club about the seminar this coming August 20,2016 in Metro Manila, Title” How To Make Millions in The Stock Market” Upon reading his message I was amazed  when he mentioned that his two maids are now richer than many managers.

It made me challenge myself. If his two maids reach that much amount why can’t I? Then, later on I realized that my beneficiary for FNPL (Fly Now Pay Later Plan) can do the same of what his maids invested in the stock market. Her two maids invested in the Philippine stock market six years ago and they are now almost reaching to become millionaires. One of his maid has Php 862,593.00 and his other maid has Php 650,220.00 in the Stock Market Account.

Based on that, I am encouraging the beneficiary of Tabangpinoy to do the same. To attend any financial literacy seminar, save and invest their hard earn money at any investment vehicles. One of them is investing in the stock market. Investing in the Philippine stock market now a day is now easy compared before. You can start Php 5,000.00 only and invest a small amount every month consistently. There are so many brokers in the Philippines; one of them is the COL (Citiseconline), one of the Top 10 brokers in the Philippines.

Now, these are my advice to my FNPL beneficiary:

  • Work hard and pay off debt-use snowball effect(the earliest is the better)
  • Allocate money every month for the Church
  • Create Emergency Fund at least 3-6 mos salary.
  • Allocate money for their personal expenses- Identy needs and wants
  • Allocate budget to support their family.
  • Save and Invest for their retirement plan-Invest in the stock market or any mutual funds.

Through this, I am looking forward that in the future one of tabangpinoy beneficiary become millionaire when they retire or leaving for good in the Philippines.


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