How To Become A Successful Hongkong OFW (By Richelle Edubas)

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In working with your employers you must be

  1. Observant. Try to learn their culture and show respect. Show all the good characteristics you have. Don’t let your employer think that you cannot be trusted. If they show good to you don’t abuse it.
  2. Thankful always even in a small matter.
  3. If they say something and you don’t get it, don’t say yes or ok.¬†Ask question or pardon to say again to avoid misunderstanding.
  4. Listen carefully and follow their instructions once, for there are some employers hate repeating things.
  5. Learn when to use your initiative. During day off always follow the given time to go out and going home.Let them know ahead of time if you will be late so they will not think something that is not good.
  6. Know when to use your learnings, let your employer teach you so they will think that you wanted to learn.
  7. Be mindful always, manage your time well. and follow the rules.
  8. Be patience in everything and always be positive for there is a reason behind it.

In managing your salary, follow this formula ( INCOME = SAVINGS – EXPENSES ).Be wise enough and learn how to use the needs and wants. Always save for your goal for we dont know what might happen the next day.

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