Kuwait Housemaid Realization after 12 years of Working.

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Just like other ofw, she was trying to become a hero. She tried to solve their family in her own way. Sending money for her family to survive.

Early this early while we are communicating with each other and discussed for so many things. Then she realized that saying “Yes” at all the time is not good at all. For 12 years  she don’t have anything savings for her own.

Early of August she was strongly decided to change. She is a new ofw trying to say  “No” to the extended family and friends if they are asking for help. She is now planning for her house because she realized that this is now her time to save for herself and family.

 Most na karon mga dagko na sila ako jud huna2x gusto nako maka balay pero ang kulang kwarta wala koy pundo kay bisan man kinsa mangayo mohatag ko para lang walay ika sulti sila nako. Pero this year naghugot nako ingon nila nga gusto nko magbalay mao nga dili nako makatabang na sa ako mga egsoon.
 Dili jud lalim tanan luha og singot wafo gehangad nalang nako sa langit ang dios na mahibalo nako kay daghan napod nlipay nako basta naa lang nako mutabang ko basta makaya lang pero pokos nako this year nga magbalay najud ko para pod makita nako ang ako kahago, as Mary said”
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