The Good Experience of Richelle Edubas in Hongkong in Almost Three Months.

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14593291_1147382342020922_1948047054_nRichelle Edubas is the first beneficiary of Tabangpinoy. She was working for almost three months in Hongkong as housemaid.

Her almost three months in Hongkong was completely an amazing experienced. The first time she step in Hongkong, she felt great and lucky that she experienced and saw with her two own eyes how beautiful and amazing the place was. The great structure of the building was built in the mountain, the view and even riding a doubledeck bus was completely different for all the places that she went through. During her day off she was always having fun because she was lucky enough that she have a free tour guide, a photographer ( hehehe ) and also stands as her second mother, no other than ate Ying.

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