The Good Experience of Richelle Edubas in Hongkong in Almost Three Months.

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14610709_1147382345354255_1686987031_n Ate Yeng brings her in all the beautiful places in Hongkong that brought her back as a kid. And not just bringing her in the beautiful places, she also share with to Richelle all the opportunity like joining some seminars that will help her on how to spend her money wisely and to become a better person someday, not just in the field she want to build in the future. Ate Ying guide her and teach her to be aware to those person that will lead her into a trouble situation. She was so much thankful to ate Ying because she let her experienced all the things that she never thought it would’nt happen. She is so much thankful to God.  God put in the good hands of her employer for they were so kind and hospitable. They treat her as the member of the family.


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