Tips On How To Work As Housemaid in Hongkong(By Ate Ying)

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 Ate Ying Oclarit was working in Hongkong for almost 16 years into one family only. Through her experience she want to share some tips below especially to all Filipina who are planning work in Hongkong as housemaid.

Tips to work to a Hongkong National family

  1. You must need to obey the rules of your employer especially in taking care of children, they must be your priority.
  2. If someone knocked the door, take a look first at the peephole before opening it. If the person is unfamiliar to you don’t let them in without your employers permission or order.
  3. In Marketing, you must asked or request a receipt after buying for you to present it to your employer for them to find out the real price of the item.
  4. During day off, there are times your employer asked you not to take the day off,you must not oppose for the sake of both parties
  5. Patience is badly needed. Employer is always right but if you believe you have done nothing you must voice it out in good manners for them to know your side as long as it is not against the law of contract you signed
  6. We must not be scared in defending ourselves for we have also a right as an employee.
  7. If your employer set a curfew on holidays even if it is allocated within 24 hours.We must follow it because it is only for our own safety.
  8. Asked permission every time before going out so that  your employer will  put their trust in you.
  9. Minimize borrowing their things,if it is badly needed then try to ask permission before using it.
  10.  Learn to adjust your their way of living and be versatile in communicating most especially in an elderly person.

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