DCS-Datag Convenience Store

We are pleased to announce to the public that we are now on the process of creating and organizing a Convenience Store in Datag Garcia Hernandez, Bohol.

The purpose of this upcoming cooperative is to establish a supermarket that would cater the residents of Datag, Cambuyo, Pasong, Cagwang and other neighboring barangays and sitios.

We are now inviting the permanent residents of the mentioned barangay of legal age to come and join us in building up this endeavor as we believe that this cooperative will help uplifting the lives of its members by providing them additional income through dividends, rights and privileges.

For those who are  interested to be part of this endeavor, you may contact the following person:

Sr# Contact Person FB Account Mobile No. Location
1 Ms. Antonia Cagampang Ying Oclarit +852-61461347 Hongkong
2 Ms. Elsie Oclarit Jelz Edubas Oclarit +63-9214424220 Philippines
3 Mr. Celestino Edubas tabangpinoy +965-60959204 Kuwait
4 Ms. Alma Jamisola Mariane Joy L. Jamisola +65-84049657 Singapore
5 Ms. Myrna Olaer Myrna Edubas Olaer +164-74632243 Canada
6 Mr. Pedro Jamero Buds Jamero Saudi Arabia



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Don Juan is the Founder of TabangPinoy and Chairman of Datag Convenience Store: A proud member of Overseas Filipino Smart Investor Email: celestino.edubas@tabangpinoy.com
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