DCS- Election of Officers for Secretary, Membership, and Election Committee.

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DCS’s second meeting was indeed successful on 25 November 2016. The meeting was such an inspiring and interesting part of the history of DS.  Most of the members were present and very cooperative. This meeting was about electing of officers for Secretary, Membership and Election Committee. The election part was too much fund, members are determined to appoint someone who were suitable in the position. We had a difficulty at first since were electing through group chat.  For almost two hours meeting we had finally chose our new set of officers.

Moving on here are the results of our election.

Congratulations to our Newly Elected Officers and Committee

DCS Secretary

Ms. Richelle C. Edubas

The main duties of secretary of DS is to keep the minutes of the meeting of the cooperative and the board. Ensure that all records, books and documents are kept in the safe place.  Issue  notice of all the meetings of the board and general assembly meetings. Write and keep correspondence. Review the minutes of all the committees of the cooperative.

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