John Avelino”JAVI” Sarmiento Edubas Baptism Ceremony

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As part of the  Roman Catholic Church, the new born child should be baptize in order to welcome them into Catholic faith and to free them from the original sin they were born with.

”The parents are responsible for bringing their child  to the sacrament of Baptism as soon as after the birth as possible.” Rev.Father Frederick said”. This is the reason why we my wife Mariz,my whole family and I were decided to baptize our son name John Avelino “Javi” Edubas.

It was ” Sunday”April 30,2017 ,is the fifth months and one day of our precious son “Javi“. This is his especial day because he was baptized and we can called him that he is the member of the Roman Catholic Church. The baptism was solemnly celebrated with his God parents, and relatives. He was baptized at around 11:25 in the morning at Saint Isidore Catholic Church, Barangay Makiling, Laguna. Philippines by  Rev Father Frederick.

After the baptism, we have some food prepared for lunch for his God parents, friends and relatives. Everyone enjoyed a lot for all the delicious food that we had prepare.

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