Tabang Pinoy is again helping new OFW for Hongkong.

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Her journey started here…

Tabang pinoy is once again helping another Boholana to work as Overseas Filipino Worker in Hongkong.  She just graduated from the BIT-Bohol Institute of Technology, Jagna, Bohol Branch with the degree of  Bachelor of Science in Education through her own sacrfices and hard work. Today,  August 12, 2017(Saturday) Ms. Irene Taer Llup will start her journey in Hongkong.




Before leaving the Philippines, she left us with an inspiring messages

  1. Why she opted to become an OFW instead of working her country to serve the Filipino children?

In decision making there’s a lot of things to be considered, the same goes in choosing which path to take.  There are positive and negative comments  that will arise but I knew they will understand why I ended up choosing this path and firm in my decision.

The tasks of being OFW is not  as sweet as a candy or as soft as a cotton. But, I choose being one of them because the ultimate goal in my mind and my heart is to help my family, uplift their lives and experience a life I always wanted them to have, most especially to my dear parents.

I drawn my strength and courage from my parents to go on further and never stop dreaming. I will try to change those moments when almost everyday in their lives were being spent under the heat of the sun and sometimes in a freezing cold temperature, in order to provide our daily needs and be able to send us to school to have a good future.

I witnessed how my parents devote all their love and best for us their children. I don’t want that time will come, regret will strike in me because I have done nothing on what my parents and siblings deserves when I know I am capable of giving it to them.

Even if I choose to be one of the Ofw’s, I still have the chance to serve the Filipino children. I believe that sharing my knowledge I acquired in school was not the only way of helping them because there are so many ways like giving them the things they need in school. If time will allow me to do these  things, I will surely be happy because this is one of my dreams and in God’s grace I hope I will be able to do it.

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