Tabang Pinoy is again helping new OFW for Hongkong.

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          2. Lessons learned

During my training days, I felt overwhelmed and at the same time scared. I am blessed enough to gain new knowledge that can be use in the future as an OFW. I met new circle of friends aside from that, I learned how to associate with other people especially with my co-trainees.

A keen observer was needed during training. Focus on the things they taught us  and do whatever they asked for us to do like cleaning, cooking, and etc. We were scared when we commit mistakes because they shout at us and I think it was only their way of teaching us how to be patient and strong.

For me the most important thing I learned is the RIGHT ATTITUDE towards everything and the people  arround me and always Pray to GOD for guidance.

With Ate Ying(Left), Irene(Center)-Ms. Loida Mansano(right)(from Home Sweep Home Agency) at HK Arrival area.


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