M.Lhuillier Jagna, Bohol branch did not release BDO cash pick up

Today, 20th day of October 2017. One my beneficiary for BDO cash pick up went to the office of M.LHUILLIER, Jagna, Bohol Branch to claim the money. Unfortunately my relatives did not claim the money because they simple said “that money will be collected to the bank only”.

Then she went to Palawan Jagna, Bohol branch. She was accommodated with the staff and got the money. So if bank to bank only why she can claim to Palawan?


Question: Why it was mentioned in BDO that cash pick up is also available in M. Lhuillier?

Hope all these things will be clear to M. Lhuillier and BDO. I was really disappointed because I made this for many years to use the BDO cash pick up and today is the first time my beneficiary for cash pick did not get her money.

So, I recommend to all especially of who BDO Client that if you will use the BDO cash pick better send your beneficiary to Palawan only, don’t send to M.Lhuillier otherwise it will waste your precious time.


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