Former Minebeamitsumi Production Worker on Her Journey to Taiwan.

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Many people says, they want to work abroad but they don’t have enough money. So what other people do?

The amount of money you need will depend on which country you want to work but here are some ways how Ms. Maya Bulac started to work abroad:

This is Ms. Maya Bulac at Philippine Departure Area

Visit Agency – This is the first whom she did to look for a better opportunities to work abroad.

Passport – After visiting the agency she enthusiastically secure the necessary requirements how to get her own passport.

Interview – She attended series of interviews from the employer itself and she was hired.

Get a loan – She is trying to contact Tabangpinoy to apply for a Fly Now Pay Later plan and got approved.

Then from day one when Tabangpinoy committed to help and support for her, without any hassle for documentation. TP released some amount of financial assitance to start supporting Ms. Bulac until such time the amount of placement fee need to pay from the agency.


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