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It was proven that if a single Filipino working abroad can support their family  needs, like education for the children. Which we believe that education is one of the poverty’s most effective antidote. Accessing to high level of education is identified as a key pathway out of poverty.

Today, December 19, 2017(Tuesday) Ms. Anabell Carbon of Pangasinan Province, Philippines traveled to Hongkong with Cathay Pacific to serve again with  Hongkong National. She thought that after 14 years of working (OFW) before was enough for her and going back to Philippines and staying for good, but it was not  enough and easy. This time she will sacrifice again so that she can provide a better life and support her family needs in the Philippines.

She traveled with full of encouragement and advice from us, that she has to embrace the concept or mindset of savings some of her salary and invest in the future.

Special thanks to Manumoti Manpower International Inc. agency who supported her to get a good employer, the process of her visa and a great training she had for two weeks.

To Ms Antonia Cagampang whom Ms. Anabell coordinate her and ask some ideas, sothat she can work again in Hongkong. To all Tabang Pinoy investor, many thanks for your continues support that this project will become a successful one.

Finally, I am praying that Ms. Carbon will become a new version of OFW, the mindset into savings and invest the rest of her monthly salary. A new version of OFW who is now a financial literate.

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