DCS-Datag Convenience Store Grand Opening.

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Before having the sumptuous snack that was being prepared by Mrs. Josbel Edubas, Mrs. Adelyn Taculad and Mrs. Rosie Edubas, a ritual was executed by Nanay Samira Taer with a jack fruit that symbolizes the sweetness and fragrance of the business so that it will catch the attention of the customers to buy and also for the progress of the store. The blessing of the foods by Mrs. Dioscora Edubas.

Employees should take good care of the customers, you should always smile and be hospitable for them”, are some of the lines by Hon. Pablo Jamero the barangay captain.

The guest speaker as he deliver his message of advice to DCS family, which brings an impact to everyone while they are having their snacks, and also he promotes his whole support to the store for its protection.

Mrs. Dioscora Edubas, the DCS treasurer also have her words right after the message of the guest speaker. She discussed what’s really the objective of the store.

We the members of this store is not looking forward for the quantity that we are going to gain, but we are looking forward for the sake of the people in our community and also the people in our neighboring barangay, by making the price of our products lower than the other store.”Ms. Dioscora Said. and by that, lots of them are inspired to buy. And after her message it marked as the end of the occasion.

Though it was a short occasion, the day ended with a smile on their faces because it was really a successful one.

DCS Staff with DCS Vice Chairman Ms. Celsa T. Orap Orap
Nanay Samira for the ritual with jackfruit

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