Tabangpinoy:Ex-Kuwait OFW,moves to Hongkong

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I am one of those people who wanted to go abroad.That I thought it was the real way to solve the poverty that my family experienced.  I heard some feedback from the other ex-abroad that it is not easy to work abroad.We don’t have family,were far from them and we will feel homesick .If we got sick,no one will help us . When I heard that,I keep on asking myself,”CAN I DO IT?”and said I can!!! for the love of my family. I tried to apply abroad for Middle  East Country(KUWAIT) and God gave me the opportunity to work without any barriers in processing,medical and etc.

Then ,my flight to Kuwait comes and I was full of ambition and plan.  I am serving in my employer for One year and Six months only and I decided to go home because of the bad experience that my employer’s treated me.  So I leave the house and went to my agency and stayed for a couple of months just to clear everything.  I was going home without anything ,even my passport.

After a few days when I arrived here in Manila, with the full financial support of Tabangpinoy. I processed  and got my passport because I am still eager to work as OFW in Hong Kong.

Lucky enough after several days, Mr. Celestino Edubas of Tabangpinoy  informed me that there will be an interview for Hong Kong at Manumoti Manpower International Inc.,with the full support of ate Ying Oclarit’s and ate Annabelle.

At first interview,I didn’t got any employer,I didn’t loss hope at that time.Sometimes we need to sacrifice and wait for the right time. After one week of that interview Maam Laida of Manumoti Agency informed me that there will be another interview with the Principal Maam Maggie of Jeddegal Agency in Hong Kong.And then I went to that interview.A few days only,I was shock when Hong Kong Agency called me that I have my employer.And I need to process all what I need to process.With the guidance of Our Almighty One,I finished all my process,my medical,POES,PDOS,training and OWWA for more that a month without any hindrance. I am so blessed and thankful to Our Almighty God that He give me second chance of processing without any problem and giving people who are willing to help especially to TP(Tabang Pinoy).

Finally for more than three months of waiting,the new journey in my life comes. Today, I am starting to build my ambitions and plan for my family.To help them lifting up from the poverty.I started again of having ambitions to invest more to have a “greener future”. Now I’m hoping and pray to Our Almighty One that i will  have the best employer in my new journey.I have my strong faith that He will guide me in every decision I made that every thing will be okayy. “Ms. Crezilda said”.


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