DCS Night, Oath taking Ceremony and Modern Dance Competition 2018

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DCS NIGHT Oath taking ceremony of the DCS officials, modern dance competition, and a raffle draw are the parts of the program as the DCS family set the stage as one of the sponsors of the nightly activity in Barangay Datag Garcia-Hernandez Bohol last May 12, 2018. The event started at exactly 9:00 o’clock in the evening, at Datag basketball court hosted by Mr. Paul Vincent Edubas and Mrs. Giezan Mae Bachinilla. The crowd and all visitors at that night was welcome by the unprepared speech of the chairman, Mr. Celestino Edubas.

“Invest early even though from the small amount you have, we don’t know in the near future that small amount will grow into a big source of living” are some simple lines coming from him but also inspiring.

Right after that is the Oath taking ceremony of the DCS officials inducted by the district kagawad Hon. Pio Salamasan .

Photos: The Chairman and his wife Marissa Edubas with Modern Dance Competition Judges and Chairman of the Board of Judges Mr. Joel Batitay
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