KALIWAT BENITO EDUBAS: The First Grand Reunion 2018

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(This article is credited to Jenelyn Edubas)

Who would have thought that a family who has been separated by distance can be united as one out of love and accordingly a love of a family will last until eternity.

The first ever grand reunion was unexpectedly planned last year, May 15, 2017 in the humble home of Nilo Edubas. A simple yet memorable moment has happened that drove Celestino Edubas together with his brother Rodrigo Edubas to accept the Chairmanship of the first ever reunion of Benito Edubas offspring. From his siblings down to his grandchildren. Everyone was so excited knowing that this family will be together soon. The hands of time sets to the planned date of the reunion. It was a glamorous evening at exact 6 o’clock on May 17,2018, the most awaited event of the whole Benito Edubas family had happened. Everyone was so busy preparing the venue and food to eat that night. There was a short yet memorable program that had been hosted by the pride of the family namely Sheila Marie Edubas and Paul Vincent Edubas.

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