KALIWAT BENITO EDUBAS: The First Grand Reunion 2018

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As the program was about to start, there was a registration for each family member in order to know how many would be the participants during that gathering. All were energized and ready to take the moment as the host gave the go signal to start. The children from Manila under the family of Saturnino Edubas performed a doxology and then followed by the opening remarks of the chairman of the said event, Celestino Edubas. His words of welcome ignited and warmed each members hearts that made them eager to stand together as one for the family. Benito Edubas and Felisa Saludes Edubas loved for each other, grew and they had been so blessed of Eight (8) lovely and handsome children,namely Marcelo (Deceased 2017), Pedro, Esperanza, Erenio, Josephina and Avelino(Deceased), Saturnino and Faustina. The eight children were being introduced to the crowd. It was so very amazing how the Eight Children build their own family as they were being ask to present each member. Every family has its own presentation. A dance number from Marcelo family, Saturnino and Josephina family. A song number together with the guitarist was rendered by the pride of Avelino’s family.

It was a night full of surprises and fun as the games started. It was the very first time Benitos expanded family has its fabulous dinner. Unexpected moments do happened but it is  more precious when it is with our family. That night was something worth to be treasured forever. The Benito’s family stands for this saying”

No family is perfect, we argue, we fight even top talking to each other at a time, but in the end family is family the love will always be there.











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