Distribution of School Uniforms to the Datag Day Care Children

“We make a living by what we GET, but we make a life by what we GIVE”, a famous phrase quoted by Winston Churchill that gives life and motivates the Tabang Pinoy Foundation family as they prepare themselves on the day of distribution of new school uniforms to the Eleven Datag Daycare children.

It was a fine day on August 19, 2018 at exactly 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon when the Tabang Pinoy Foundation distributes Eleven sets of uniform, four sets for male and seven sets of female. On that moment, there was a short program being prepared by the Daycare Worker Mrs. Jocelyn Edubas. They invited distinguished guest namely; Hon. Jorge Fantonial and Hon. Sylvia Cagampang who gave their words of gratitude towards  Mr. Celestino Edubas the chairman of the said foundation who did not have a chance to witness the distribution due to the bad weather condition.

Although he did not make it through, Don Juan is very grateful for having the opportunity to give. The most awaited moment has finally arrived. The giggling smiles of the children and the priceless happiness of the daycare parents is the evident on the atmosphere that time as they received the uniforms. The children’s eagerness to ware the uniforms are one of the signs that they were overwhelmed and genuinely happy. While the children were fitting their new uniform, I asked Mrs. Mosqueda one of the daycare parents, of how it feels like when they received it.

 “ Sangko sa langit ang among kalipay kay nahatagan ang mga bata ug bag o unya libre nga uniform.”Ms Mosqued said,

“Nalipay jud ko pag ayo, kay isip usa ka daycare worker,dugay nakong pangandoy nga mabag ohan ang mga bata ug laing style sa uniform unya gi grant kini sa Tabang Pinoy Foundation.” As she said. “Unta tagaan pag kabaskog sa lawas ang mga tawo nga nitabang niini, aron padayon pa sila makatabang sa uban, DAGHANG SALAMAT TABANG PINOY FOUNDATION GOD BLESS YOU.” As she added.

And by that a sumptuous snack was being served by the daycare parents as an offer for their gratitude towards Tabang Pinoy Foundation.

The founder of this Tabang Pinoy Foundation is expressing his heartfelt gratitude to all the people who fully support for this project.

  1. Mr. Dzulkifli-TNB Remaco Plant Manager from Malaysia
  2. Ms. Maya Bulac from Taiwan
  3. Ms. Richelle Edubas from Hongkong
  4. Mr and Mrs. Juliues Balio from United States of America
  5. Mr and Mrs. Myrna and Rey Family from Ontario Canada
  6. Ms. Aimee Fe Tabilino from Philippines



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