Tabangpinoy is offering an investment opportunity for Boholano’s investors to become lenders with a minimum investment amount of just Php 5,000.00. This is a great alternative investment to those who want to diversify their hard-earned money.

This type of investment vehicles involves risks, hence lender’s investment is not 100% guaranteed. There is always a risk of borrower’s default. To lessen risks, Tabangpinoy employs a careful screening process to filter a good borrowers.  We will have a credit/attitude investigation before the approval of their proposal loan.

Your fund will be invested in different borrowers. Hence, lenders can invest a maximum of 25% of their portfolio in one loan and only 25% maximum of a loan can be funded by one lender. One loan can be funded by many lenders and lenders get to fund many borrowers.

To begin investing, lenders can will contact us at celestino.edubas@tabangpinoy.com. Once confirmed and approved, the next step is to fund their accounts either through direct deposit to Tabangpinoy bank account.

Once funds have been verified, Tabang pinoy will acknowledge through e-mail or send message through text. Once Tabangpinoy will received new borrower, we will send the list of the borrower with details to lender for them to choose whose borrower they wanted to invest their money.

Once they have selected the name of borrowers and propose loan amount, we will notify them the same.

Lenders earn through the interest income of the loans they fund. The lender can choose whether to withdraw it or re-invest it for more income through compounded interest.

Tabang Pinoy mission is financial addition for both borrowers and lenders. Loan interest rates are very friendly for the borrower when compared to other traditional sources of credit like lending companies.The interest rate was pattern by a real micro finance originated in Bangladesh called “Grameen Bank”founded by Professor Muhammad Yunus. Lenders can get better returns than traditional fixed income investments in banks. Lenders can support borrowers who are in need of financial assistance.

Start making purposeful investments today.Let’s work hand in hand in TabangPinoy in order to help the poor Filipinos ! For any inquiries, you can email at celestino.edubas@tabangpinoy.com or send me message at donjuantabangpinoy fb account.