As one of the beneficiary of TABANG PINOY fly now pay later. I felt not lucky but blessed enough because It was an answered prayer for me. One door of opportunity has open for me that leads to another door of chances in sustaining the needs of my family financially. Before being an OFW is just a dream because along the process of entering this job, requires effort and money. I don’t have any problem upon exerting effort because I know I can, but when it comes to money I doubt myself if I can provide until the end of the process,but because of TABANG PINOY I am able to turn my dreams into reality. They don’t even require any documents for me to be called as their beneficiary.Their willingness to help is far beyond I expected. Their assurance gives me strength to continue this journey.They even embrace me like a family whom I can lean on every time.

Aside from money, they also gave me their full trust and support from the very beginning TABANG PINOY is always behind me, guiding and keep on reminding me of everything, teach me how to be patient and have faith in God. I am thankful to God for creating an instrument like TABANG PINOY. Thank you isn’t enough to express how grateful and happy I am to TABANG PINOY fly now pay later.(Testimoy from Ms. Irene Taer Llup)



Our life before was entirely different since I am Lucky to be the first beneficiary of TABANG PINOY FLY NOW PAY LATER PLAN, because I am now an OFW here in HongKong. I can now support enough to my family’s need  and I am now in my journey to reach my goal.

TRUST is a word that contains only five letters but has a big contributions and the only thing you need that TABANG PINOY will not going to hesitate to help you. Not like others that they required many documents before you will become entitled to be the beneficiary. TABANG PINOY is not only in helping you financialy but they also teach you how to be patient and have faith in God. From the very beginning till I come here in HongKong Tabang Pinoy was always there monitoring and mentoring me on what should I do. They remind me to pray always for this is my only weapon to pass all the procedure in applying abroad.They guide me and give advices  through all the time even now. TABANG PINOY aim’s to help those people especially in his community to support financialy that will help to lighten  their everyday living. ( Testimony from Ms. Richelle Edubas)