Eljohn’s first educational tour at Greenbelt 1 Makati and City of Dreams Manila

MSMSI students have their educational tour on November 5, 2015. Eljohn Marc is one of the pupil who joined the educational tour. It was filled with fun and joy, and good bonding with his classmates, teachers and his loving mother.

They first watched “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” on stage at Greenbelt 1 Makati. The show started at 10:30 am. It featured the story of the girl who was trapped by her step-mother — the Evil Queen. It has moral lesson, friendship, kindness and the triumph of good over wicked.

Eljohn was surprised when the character come out on stage and the dwarfs came out from the back of their seats. He was so happy and enjoyed watching. The play ended at 12:30 in the afternoon. All the cast took picture with the kids and signed autographs.

The second was at The City of Dreams Manila. The Dream Play center is a first of its kind. The children can play and participate in a wide range of creative activities. And fun filled experience with the character of DreamsWorks Animation’s world famous films like Shrek.

Eljohn and my wife watched 4D movies “Kung Fu Panda”, “How to train the dragon”, “Madagascar”. We were getting a little bit wet. We didn’t expect that there’s water that will come out. Eljohn also danced and played around. DreamPlay is not just for kids, but for the entire family. They said in one TV commercial “Minsan lang maging bata, sabayan mo na”. It was also a great bonding moment of mother and son.


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