Hotel and Restaurant Management Graduate on her OJT


Bachelor in Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) is not just an easy course in College. Being one of the graduates in this field of study, Irish is so proud and optimistic for her future to land a good job in the Tourism Industry.

We all know that the tourism industry in our country is booming.  It has contributed a big impact to the economy of our country.  The course has been offered with essential subjects such as statistics, literature, English communications and accounting. These will help the students equipped themselves with enough knowledge and skills in communications and to manage a hotel or restaurant business in the near future.

The Philippines being renowned around the world of its hospitality and with paradise island needs, talents like us to make our country maintain its honor and prestige. according to Ms. Edubas a newly graduate of BSHRM from Holy Name University.

Training and Internship

Ms. Edubas had her first formal On the Job Training (OJT) at South Palms Resort, Panglao, Bohol.  Just like many other students, she too had found it very difficult to adjust herself to her kind of environment. But, because of her innate self-discipline, harmonious dealings with colleagues and good communication skills. She was able to succeed her training with flying colors. Her supervisor and one of the chefs had offered her work to be their assistant, but she opted to pursue a degree first before anything else.


She also had her training at 2GO Travel. One of the biggest passenger vessels (inter-island), in the country. The vessel cruises Batangas-Odiongan-Caticlan-Romblon-Roxas. That was the time when they had undergone a series of trainings in order to obtain Seaman’s Book which is very important in working on board.

Her ultimate and toughest training happened in Manila where they work on board in M/V St. Anthony De Padua. This is where she experienced waking up very early morning and to leave the house at 3:00 a.m. to avoid the monstrous traffic jam in the metro Manila.

Homesickness, new lifestyle, difficulties in work, family problems and tiresome are few things she endured during her stint in this training. God has been so good to her that prior to her disembarkation day while preparing the Line Report on Sales, she received the good news and compliments from the Hotel Manager and offered her job opportunity.

But she realized that this very risky and tough job is not for her and believed that God has prepared something better than this. Despite the realization she has, she is very grateful to M/V St. Anthony De Padua’s management for the opportunity to experience the best training. Great motivation and the good treatment accorded to her from the friendly staff.


Indeed, the experiences helped her become a better, more independent and strong person. With God’s grace everything was possible in spite of all the trials and pains in her life.

Lessons learned from the internship / training:

  1. She became comfortable in rendering service to others – which means performing the task with joy and pride.
  2. She became approachable and friendly while maintaining professionalism.
  3. She became an effective communicator both in written and oral.
  4. She became ready to meet and serve guests of different nationalities and overcome the language barrier.
  5. She could speak and express English language well enough to be understood.

For those who want to take Hotel Restaurant and Management

One must always maintain the initiative, open-mind, patient, resourceful, sensitivity and good communication skill.


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