Irish expressed her gratitude to family and friends.

13177339_1145558792152267_7453138535154948058_nThis is a message of thanks from my niece to her family and friends.

Life hasn’t always been fair; sometimes it has been very mean. I felt down along the way, I got wounds that couldn’t be seen but God up above, never left my side. For four years, my entire college life, it was a miserable because of a family problem. The pain was so very uneasy. I went to school like there was no problem but deep inside my heart I’m dying. Sometimes taking the exams I am out of my mine. But, Glory to God! I’ve still passed all my subjects and sometimes I got the highest score pa. Those struggling times I always asked God, why I’m experiencing this kind of pain? This is not my responsibility? But I was the one who took care of all those things. My friend’s problem is how to get passed all the subjects. But me? I’m the one paying all the bills, remembering all the due dates, paying tuition fees of my brothers, doing all these and those stuffs and everything. It was so hard that your mother was working abroad but she worked there for us. I just always motivating myself “keep on fighting Rish”. For God sake! Stressed and I got tired also not physically but mentally and emotionally. But still I learned how to smile in front of the people.

To those who believe me that I will make it on the top, Thank you so much. Janet and Carlyn every time na magtext ako ng sad or crying face, reply agad to encourage me without even knowing the true problem.

To my college buddies, Alyssa, Joncey, Janua, Zena, Khara thank you for helping me always in our school stuffs and making me smile. When I’m with you all, tawa lang ako ng tawa nakakawala kayo ng problema.

Mga bakla, so sorry hindi ko man na ishare sa inyo yung drama ko sa buhay. To my ate Jen Lacea thank you for always comforting me since I was in grade school you are there listening all my pointless drama in life. To ate Janet and yaya Bhebie for your words of wisdom” aral lang nang mabuti te, magiging matagumpay ka rin “and for helping also doing house hold chores.

To my uncle Edcel and Rod thank you for supporting my studies when I was in kindergarten and grade school, you both send me in a private school. Thank you for believing my skills, talent and knowledge.

To my 2go family especially Monico, Anna, Caroline, Nhanie at Sam thank you sa inyo lalong-lalo na yung nagkasakit ako sa barko na muntik na akong ibaba para ipa confine sa hospital pero you were all there taking care of me, nagmomonitor,dinadalhan ng mga pagkain at prutas sa bed ko and even nilalabhan mga damit ko hehhe.Thank you sa memories. All of you guys were amazing. You are truly God’s blessing to me. You’ve been part of my success.

To ate Lingling and maam Jheng  I appreciate for your time and effort during my graduation party, it was an instant host..hehehe. ” SALAMAT kay nisugot mo dayon bisan dili ready heheheeh”but it made more complete, meaningful and successful the party because of both of you… nagkakaroon tuloy ng iyakan.hehehh

Lastly to our Living God thank you even though all the days and nights, I was blaming you but still you are there by my side. I win the race because you are with me. I know that this is not the end but a new beginning for the next chapter of my life. Thank you and I Love you Lord!




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