It’s a boy- We Joyfully announce the birth of our son, John Avelino

November 29, 2016 (Tuesday) at 9:47 p.m.



With hearts full of praise and gratitude, My wife Mariz and I are joyfully announce, that we have another special gift from God for the birth of our baby boy -John Avelino. He was born last November 29, 2016 at 9:47 p.m. at Saint John de Baptish Medical Center, Calamba Laguna at 2.8 kls and 49 c.m.


We thank God for all his guidance, protection and watching my wife and my baby at all the time.

Thanks to Dra. Cristine Santos for her full support and her staff nurse during  the delivery of our baby. Thanks to my in-laws, brother and sister who are extending their prayers and full support to my wife and our son.

Javi’s born, in God’s perfect time and he is the answer of my question that came to my mind during the preparation period in his coming.  This is the questions made up into my mind, and I ask my wife all the time” Why we need to schedule the delivery of our baby?instead of waiting him to be born in God’s perfect time?”

This is how we made our own plan for the delivery of our baby Javi.

  •  My wife and I are planning for December 18, 2016,but the doctor said” No” don’t wait that date, maybe you will start to labor. The doctors suggested to my wife that it should be within December 6-12,2o16.
  • So, again my wife and I discussed and we are desided to deliver the baby by this coming December 12, 2016.
  • After one week of dicussion, we change the plan again by December 10,2016 because we have a lot of things we consider. So my wife, the whole family and I are set already on that date.
  • Finally, God’s answer my “Why“, On November 29, 2016 when I was in the office my wife send a message” Daddy I will be going to hospital now because I encountered water discharge already”-wife said. So from that moment, I can’t understand my true feelings, it was mix the emotion of excitement and fear.
    Javi and his kuya Eljohn Marc first met.

Being a good parent is a natural thing in the world. Now we are 100% in taking care of our new baby and of course to our eldest son  as well. The whole family are preparing that both Eljohn Marc” our eldest son” and John Avelino will be treated and love them equally.

To all who congratulate us, including my officemates here in Kuwait, we thank you for all your kindness to drop a congratulation message for the birth of our new baby boy.

We are so in love with him and feel incredibly grateful to have been entrusted with this miraculous gift from  our Almighty Father.

Today,  December 1, 2016 my wife Mariz and our youngest son John Avelino is discharged in the hospital and now safe at home.







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